Welcome, I'm Igor the (Otaku) Mii. I'm the first Non-founder Bureaucrat Admin here. This is a Starting Out RP.

How the RP Goes on?

There is these RP Sections: Before School Hours, Class 1, Break, Class 2, Break, Class 3, Lunch, Class 4, Break, Class 5 and After School Hours (also known as Club Hours).

Class Sections: Classroom (Each one 30 Minutes)

Before School Hours: Takes 30 Minutes Berfore Class 1, Students would talk and hang out berfore class.

Break: 10 Minute Breaks.

After School Hours/Club Hours: Activiy after School, Club Stuff can be done here. (Up to 2 Hours.)

The RP


Igor is seen walking to the Dakotsu High School.